Chef Extends Automation Reach and Scopetructure they are deployed on.

At its ChefConf 2019 conference today, Chef extended its core platform in ways that collectively serve to automate further the management of applications and the IT infrastructure they are deployed on.

Extensions to the Chef Enterprise Automation (EAS) Stack include the addition of Application Operations Dashboards, Migration Accelerators for moving applications to the cloud and tighter integration between the Chef Infra and Chef InSpec modules within the Chef Habitat management framework.

Brian Goldfarb, chief marketing officer for Chef, said these latest additions to Chef Enterprise Automation Stack are part of an ongoing Chef initiative to make it easier to seamlessly unify the management of infrastructure and applications in keeping with best DevOps practices, which Chef refers to as the “Coded Enterprise.”


Chef DashboardAs part of that effort, Chef Application Operations Dashboards provide visibility into both applications and infrastructure to simplify troubleshooting and compliance, said Goldfarb. For example, IT teams will be able to see how individual security and compliance controls are performing across a heterogeneous computing environment that now includes Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform (GCP) alongside Amazon Web Services (AWS), he said.


At the same time, Chef is trying to make it easier to lift and shift applications to the cloud. EAS Migration Accelerators automate an application migration process that today requires most organizations to spend considerable time and effort to accomplish manually, said Goldfarb.

An EAS Migration Accelerator for Windows, for example, will scan existing .NET applications running on IIS to discover configuration and dependency details and then package that information as code. That approach significantly reduces the time required to build application packages in Chef Habitat.